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Non GamStop: Responsible Gambling

Thrills, excitement, and unpredictability. Gambling might be an enjoyable way to kill time. However, it can also  turn into an addiction and go beyond just a pastime. A person may develop an irresistible desire to play regardless of winning or losing. He or she may no longer live without playing.  Gaming becomes their only motivation in life. The consequences of gambling addiction can be very sad. Such players may  lose all savings, job, friends, and family!

Before you start gambling, take time to learn about the risks involved and how to stay safe. You can enjoy gambling safely and responsibly. You can have fun gambling without going over budget if you follow our tips.

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What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gaming is a set of principles for players and casinos. The essence of responsible gambling for players is  to perceive betting primarily as a form of entertainment, and not as a way of making money. Responsible gamblers play for fun  and make sure their actions don’t negatively impact their emotional or financial well-being.

Tips for responsible gambling

Whether you prefer to play online or  in a local casino, the following tips can help you limit your chance of developing difficulties when gambling.

Never gamble when you’re upset.

When you are upset, depressed, or under stress chances of making poor decisions are very high. If you are feeling unstable emotionally, it is better to wait and gamble after you have calmed down.

Never gamble under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Whether they are legal or not, alcohol, prescription drugs, and recreational use of substances change your mood and increase your likelihood of making poor decisions. In this altered state, you can and will take more risks, and eventually will lose more money.

Set a budget limit

One of the most crucial things you can do to gamble responsibly is this. Set up a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it. If you have bad luck when betting or playing casino games, don’t go over the pre-arranged amount. You can also set a a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit at online betting site. A betting site’s deposit limit cannot be changed once it has been set. It often takes a day for player to set a new deposit cap. Enough time to calm down and consider your actions.

Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks from gambling to divert your attention from the idea of winning money.

Go for a rest particularly if gambling is causing you stress or anxiety. It could be an hour, day, week or even month. You can suspend your account on betting site through customer service or in the “My Account” section.  Playing or betting non-stop for a long time is a sign of addiction  and many players make the mistake of not taking breaks. 

Learn about sports and casino games

​Many casino games involve an element of luck, but using strategy can help players increase their chances of winning. Unfortunately, a lot of  players make the mistake of not using a strategy or not knowing how to use one. Before playing any game at an online casino or betting on sport, learn about that  sport or game, become aware of the various strategies involved. This will help you save your money.

Seek professional help

Seek assistance if you believe your gambling is out of control and you are unable to manage it on your own!  There are a ton of resources and specialists available to assist you.You may want to speak with a physician, a therapist, or even join gambling addiction support group. Many organizations and services offer assistance and support to individuals who have gambling problems or who are at risk of developing them. Just Google and you will find such experts ready to help you.


If you are having trouble following this tips, it could be a sign that you already  have a gambling addiction.


What are the symptoms of gambling addiction?

The symptoms include losing control over your play, chasing losses, lying about your gambling habits, financial difficulties and relationship problems  brought on by your gambling,  feelings of strees and depression. If you are dealing with any of these problems, you may be on the verge of becoming addicted to gambling, or you may already be there.

Do all players with gambling addiction have the same symptoms?

The signs and severity of a gambling addiction vary from person to person. Roughly speaking, there are three categories  of gambling addiction which are compulsive, binge, and problem gambling. Compulsive gambling is the most dangerous kind of addiction. This is a point when individuals wager and take chances irrespective of what might happen to them and their families  afterwards. Other types of  gambling addictions have its own characteristics, threats and signs.

Do banks offer responsible gambling support?

Not always, but some banks provide such assistance to their clients. Banks may block your

transactions to gambling websites, but some may also provide financial planning guidance and general money management help if your debt is the result of gambling.Contact your bank for more detailed information.

How can I take time out for a while?

Most betting sites allow you to request a “take time out,” which means having your account suspended for a maximum of six weeks. It can only be reactivated after the specified amount of time has passed.

How can I help my friend with gambling addiction?

Talk to your friend about his/her gambling problem if you are concerned that they may be on the verge of developing one or already has one. Instead of being confrontational, try to be supportive and assist them in finding the services and resources that can give them the care they require.

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