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How To Cancel Gamstop Self Exclusion

The Gamstop self-exclusion scheme is a free service in UKGC-licensed casinos for UK players looking to take a break from online gambling. The UKGC requires all its licensees to adopt the Gamstop scheme to promote responsible gambling.

We have you covered if you want to get back into the action by playing without Gamstop on other sites. You cannot play on UK betting sites with a UK Gambling Commission license before Gamstop cancellation. We have explored various ways to cancel Gamstop self-exclusion in the United Kingdom, and we believe playing in a non-Gamstop online casino is the best option around Gamstop.

Non-Gamstop casinos that accept UK players allow punters to continue enjoying their favourite casino games before the self-exclusion period ends. Read on to discover more ways to reverse Gamstop and enjoy a superb online gambling experience.

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How To Remove Gamstop After The Self-Exclusion Period Is Over?

If you are wondering how to cancel Gamstop, waiting for your minimum self-exclusion period to lapse is the most recommended. You shouldn’t cancel Gamstop if you haven’t overcome your gambling addiction. Ensure you can control your online gambling activities before reversing Gamstop.

To continue playing, UKGC sites require Gamstop cancellation after the Gamstop self-exclusion period expires. However, the self-exclusion doesn’t expire automatically at the end of the minimum exclusion period.

You must contact customer support to help you reverse Gamstop after the exclusion period lapses. The minimum exclusion period before you can stop Gamstop is six months, one year, and five years. Gamstop will share relevant personal data with UK operators during this period with a Gamstop internal self-exclusion service.

You can make an official request to stop Gamstop through your online account or contact the Gamstop contact center at the end of your chosen period. If you still think you are at risk of gambling addiction, you can extend your self-exclusion for six months, one year, or five years through the Gamstop customer support or online account.

You must contact Gamstop by phone and request that your self-exclusion be deactivated. The deactivation process will take about 24 hours. Use the 24 hours as a cooling-off period before you start playing again. After deactivation, you can now access UK gambling sites on GamStop and resume gambling.

If you fail to contact customer support, the self-exclusion will roll over for additional seven years. After the additional seven-year exclusion period, the self-exclusion will cease. For seven years after Gamstop deactivation, Gamstop will inform operators that you have used the Gasmtop self-exclusion scheme.

How To Reverse Gamstop While Still being On Self Exclusion?

There are ways around Gamstop to play casino games and bet on sports for real money. Non-Gamstop sites offer the best way to maintain gambling while still on the Gamstop gambling-free period. If you feel you can manage your gambling and don’t have a gambling problem, you can join gambling sites not on the Gamstop program before the cooling-off period lapses.

Alternatively, you can contact Gamstop if your details were submitted to the scheme by mistake. Betting sites not on Gamstop allow self-excluded players from Great Britain to bypass the Gamstop subscription, enjoy their favourite slots, and bet on sports during the self-excluding period. These betting software providers offer an excellent way of cancelling Gamstop and enjoying amazing bonus promotions, a range of betting options, and an immersive gaming experience.

Gamstop Removal Process: Overview

🔢 Number of Ways To Cancel GamStop1
Stop Self-Exclusion WayContact Gamstop Support
Time To Wait6 months, 1 year or 5 years
🏅 Number of Betting Sites That Don’t Need GamStop Reversal30+
🔝 Best Bookie After Gamstop RemovalGoldenBet

Advantages of Gamstop Cancellation

Gambling online is entertaining, fun, and a great way to make extra money. Also, betting is a serious business with many players globally and a multi-billion dollar industry. You will gain a lot if you remove Gamstop.

Whether you’re playing for real money or just for fun, you can continue playing when you remove Gamstop. You can play your favourite games, bet on sports, and enjoy great wins when you undo GamStop exclusion. You will not be affected the by Gamstop program anymore.

There’s nothing better than winning big when you’re playing casino games online. If you hit a lucky streak, you can make a healthy return on your investment, get free spins, win jackpots, and boost your income.

Online casinos offer great bonuses and promotions, so you can enjoy even more fun while playing your favourite slots! You can use these rewards to increase your bankroll, win more or try out different sites and games.

Disadvantages of Removing Gamstop

Reversing Gamstop comes with some risks. Ensure you understand the downsides before you cancel Gamstop.

Bypassing Gamstop puts you at risk of gambling problems. Gambling addiction is a serious problem that can negatively affect your personal life and finances. Ensure you don’t get back into gambling if you can’t control your impulses. It can also be hard to stop when you get addicted after cancelling Gamstop.

You can lose your entire bankroll if you don’t play safe and manage your money properly. If you place a bet and lose, there’s no way to get back what you lost. This can lead to negative financial impacts if you can’t pay your bills or make other financial commitments because your account has been drained. Ensure you bet responsibly, so you don’t lose money chasing after losses.

Best Bookies That Don’t Require Gamstop Removal

Bettings sites without Gamstop offer an amazing gambling experience for punters. However, finding the ideal casino site can be challenging. To help you out, here are the top five best bookies that don’t require Gamstop.

Hand of Luck

Hand of Luck casino is a top bookie that doesn’t require Gamstop renewal. It offers many betting options, including sports betting, slots, and live dealer games. This casino also offers some great promotions and allows you to use crypto. However, the casino requires mandatory verification to make withdrawals.

Sportbook Not on GamStop

HandofLuck Bookmaker

For new players from the UK, 18+ only, you accept the terms: T&C and GambleAware

Voodoo Wins

Voodoo Wins is a well-known casino not on Gamstop, where you can play all your favorite games for real money. The site is not registered with Gamstop, accepts crypto, and has a generous 100% welcome offer of up to €3,000. However, it doesn’t have a no-deposit offer.

Non GamStop Betting Site

Voodowins Sportbook

For new players from the UK, 18+ only, you accept the terms: T&C and GambleAware


Gamblii is a great site for UK players looking to play without Gamstop. They have a lot of bonuses and offers, including a 350% welcome offer of up to €/$ 5000. You can bet on sports or slots on this site. However, it doesn’t have an app.

Gamblii Betting Site

300% UP TO 500 EUR
For new players from the UK, 18+ only, you accept the terms: T&C and GambleAware


MyStake is an excellent bookie without Gamstop that started in 2020. The site offers various betting options, including sports betting and online slots. The casino has an excellent reputation for customer support. Its welcome bonus includes a 100% offer of up to €£$500. However, it doesn’t have a no-deposit offer.

Betting Site Not on GamStop

MyStake Betting

100% UP TO 500 EUR
For new players from the UK, 18+ only, you accept the terms: T&C and GambleAware

Steps How We Select Sites That Don’t Request Gamstop Removal?

After the Gamstop reverse process, you want to play in top betting sites without Gamstop. These are the steps we take to select the best betting sites, not on Gamstop.

Step 1: We Check if You can Play Without Gamstop

We check if the site is not registered with Gamstop to allow punters to play without Gamstop restrictions. Our experts also consider the site’s reputation without Gamstop before selecting it.

Step 2: Check for Bonuses

Casino bonuses are important in online casinos. They allow punters to start playing without risking their money. Before listing a site, we look at its offer and only select sites without Gamstop that have generous bonuses.

Step 3: Is It a Secure Site?

As you look for how to cancel Gamstop, we want to ensure you play on a safe site, not on Gamstop. The bookmaker should be very secure and safe to use. We look at security measures like SSL encryption and anti-money laundering before listing the site.

Step 4: Look at the Betting Options

We also look at the betting options available on the site, not on Gamstop. We want you to experience a full suite of online gaming. The top casino brands on our list offer betting on sports, casino games, live dealer games, esports, and lotteries.

Step 5: Considering the Payment Options

When you cancel Gamstop self-exclusion, we want you to join a site with many banking options for convenience and safety. You can deposit and withdraw using credit cards, crypto, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Is It Real To Cancel The Gamstop Scheme?

You can exclude yourself from playing online by excluding for a specific period. However, you may not access UK-licensed gambling platforms while self-excluding. To initiate Gamstop reversal, you must wait for the ban to expire or opt for sites not on Gamstop.

Other self-exclusion services include;

How to Check Are You Still In Self Exclusion Program

You can check Gamstop reversal at the official site you initiated the self-exclusion. After you sign up, you have to wait for the period you picked to elapse before you can officially reverse Gamstop.

You can check your exclusion status through:

After the period expires, contact Gamstop customer support and request deactivation. Keep the date when the Gamstop restriction expires to avoid the seven-year rollover. As you wait, you can continue playing by following the tips in this article.


Gamstop is a free self-exclusion service for punters in UKGC casino sites looking to take a break from online betting. You cannot access a UK casino with a UKGC license while you remain active with Gamstop. However, you can cancel Gamstop by waiting for the Gamstop exclusion to expire. You can also join a site without Gamstop and continue gambling. Playing on sites, not on Gamstop, is easy and allows you to get back into the action seamlessly. Ensure you can control your gaming activities before reversing Gamstop.

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